Meet George, one of the many rockstars Vangst has recently placed through our platform. After building his profile on Vangsters, George’s resume caught the eye of one of our top recruiters, Dena Gellmann.  She was able to connect our client, Native Roots, with the perfect match for their open position: George G. An amazing candidate with extensive experience, he has just the right skillset needed to thrive at their incredible company.  Read a little more about George and his success story below!
Name:  George G.
Short Bio:  Facilities professional with 19+ years experience who has worked in other industries to include office supplies, banking, tech and healthcare recently switched gears to try his hand in the cannabis industry.
New Position:  Director, Facilities Management
Tell Us About Your New Company:  Native Roots – Colorado’s premier dispensary for recreational and medical cannabis.  A pioneer in the industry since its inception, Native Roots has led the way of making cannabis comfortable for everyone.
What Makes You Excited About Your New Role:  The ability to switch gears from the healthcare industry to the cannabis industry as there are some differences.  Starting off fresh, with an organization that leads the way in the cannabis industry and that that also has a fresh outlook on cannabis and its many uses.  I also like the thought of developing protocols and procedures that may not exist today and executing on them as well.
How was your experience working with Vangst/Vangsters:  The experience of working with Vangst and Dena Gellmann specifically was actually enjoyable.  Dena did a great job at keeping me abreast of the process and situation at all times.  She also helped prepare me by providing me background information on the organization, certain individuals as well as the industry as a whole.  I would highly recommend Vangst (Dena Gellmann) to anyone looking to break into the cannabis industry as Vangst and Dena are well informed and prepared.