Today we are featuring Shelby, a cannabis enthusiast we were connected with thanks to her building a profile on  After being discovered by, once again the amazing Dena Gellman, Shelby’s background and skills were determined perfect for the Shift Supervisor role at Harvest.  We are so excited that Harvest got their perfect candidate and for Shelby to excel in her new role!

Name: Shelby

Short Bio: Bay Area Native, who started working in the Cannabis industry 5 years ago. I love helping people learn something new about marijuana.
New position: Shift Supervisor
Tell us about your new company: Harvest has been bringing a different approach to the feel of cannabis in the sense that it is a more personal experience for the consumer. The products are set up in a way for people to be able to look up close and carry them in a basket to the register when they decide what they want to consume 🙂 Very beautiful layout and wonderful
Products for all experience levels of users.
What makes you most excited about your new job: Being able to work with like minded individuals who are professional, and work hard to make Cannabis a great experience for everyone!
How was your experience working with Vangst?: It was a pleasure working with Dena. She really devoted her time to making sure this was a right fit for me and for Harvest. I am also very pleased that there is a company like Vangst that caters to this specific industry.