We’ve all heard friends, family members, and colleagues mention the term recruiter, hell maybe you’ve even used one before. Maybe that’s how someone you know landed their current role. Long story short, we’ve all heard about them and truth be told it’s a tactic that is increasing in popularity for companies looking to bring on new employees while minimizing the cost and time the company needs to find great candidates.

This is especially true in the cannabis industry, where there is a never-ending supply of candidates, maybe 1% of which are actually qualified for the job. Due to this, we did an industry-related survey from our last few Colorado Cannabis Career Fairs, on how employees found their last job. The results were pretty amazing, around 50% of the respondents said they preferred using a recruitment agency.  With Vangsters.com and Vangst Staffing, job seekers get the best of both worlds. When applying for a position that Vangst posted on the job board, our recruitment team manages those positions and help push you into the role. 

The primary roles a quality recruitment agency (coming from an employer’s perspective) is that majority of the heavy lifting will be done for you. No more endless supply of CVs that seem to get taller and taller while you’re still reading through last week’s submissions. No more rollercoaster of emotions when a seemingly awesome candidate suddenly disappears for no real reason. The list of things that could go wrong – now imagine someone else handles it all for you.

When the time comes you do decide to invite a candidate in to interview, you’ll be fully briefed by a person who has been trained on reading people and who has talked to this person in person already. This minimizes the chance of any nasty surprises.

Maybe you enjoy reading through 1,000’s of CVs, and an unusual candidate spices up the day. There is still the fact that for many small companies, dedicated HR personnel are simply put… Out of reach. This leaves the company with pulling an employee away from their normal work while hiring, and the company is left relying on whatever personable skills this person may have acquired in life to select that person.  This is a complete shot in the dark, as limited people have the expertise to tell a great terrible candidate from a great one.

Deciding to work with a recruiting agency, will not only extend you that extra manpower to sort through all those applications, but the help is from a group who’s done it all before. When the awesome candidate is finally brought in to interview, you’ll already know everything you would want to know about them. Again, minimizing those last minute nasty surprises. Long story short, recruitment agencies aren’t a one size fit all, but if the idea of saving time and effort, while job seekers are being professionally matched your business and its culture, an agency is well worth a shot.