Everyone meet Rachel! Canyon Cultivation’s newest team member and yet another success story fueled by Vangsters.com


Name: Rachael Scala

Short Bio:

I love all things CO from our mountains, trails, breweries, music scene, and cannabis lifestyle! I am thrilled to represent and build upon Canyon Cultivation’s years of industry prowess as the new Sales Manager.

New position:
Sales Representative at Canyon Cultivation.
Tell us about your new company:
Canyon is the leading edibles company in CO – we make a fine (and tasty) line of Rec & Med Marijuana-Infused-Products (MIPs) including hard candies, gummies, lollipops, drops and coffee. Our extraction methods are super clean and ingredients have integrity! This organization is family-owned and operated since 2009 and our team works hard together to ensure our continued success along with that of our amazing customers and consumers. 
What makes you most excited about your new job:
We have A LOT of room to grow! I am psyched to introduce Canyon to new accounts, create partnerships,  and educate consumers as to how Canyon’s products can enhance their life.
How/why did you get into the industry: 
I have a sales background in the natural foods industry. Cannabis has called to me for a number of reasons, both personal and professional. Namely, I entered the industry because of the opportunities marijuana provides our society for healing, pleasure, community, and seemingly endless opportunities as states continue to legalize.
How was your experience working with Vangst/Vangsters:
Vangsters was fantastic! I am very grateful for the communication, opportunities, feedback, and connection to this great company I am so proud to be a part of!