TGIF! Let’s all give our attention today to JP Hall, Simplifiya’s newest member of their sales team and our Vangster of the Week!


Name: JP Hall

Short Bio:

JP is a seasoned sales and marketing professional with 5 years of experience in multiple industries. His experience includes selling    various products such as top-tier synthetic sports turf and SaaS specific to the cannabis industry. Through his work experience and background, JP has developed a keen sense of sales expertise. Throughout his sales journey, he has discovered that there is virtually nothing on earth that brings as much personal satisfaction as being able to save another person time, money or frustration because of the goods, products, and services you have to offer. As an LA native, JP enjoys exercising, hiking, beaches, and spending time with his 3-year old son, Kairo.

New position:
Business Development Representative
Tell us about your new company:
Simplifya is a full service cannabis compliance company. We take all the complex legal jargon at the state and local jurisdiction levels and distill that legal narrative into simple and more comprehensive yes-or-no questions, or audit content. Simplifya is a great tool for cannabis businesses to conduct their own self audits, generate audit reports for storage, identify areas of non compliance, and also see through the remediation process.
What makes you most excited about your new job:
What’s most exciting about working with Simplifya is that my job correlates directly with my passion about cannabis and the booming cannabis industry. We have a great team that works exceptionally well together to create an awesome work environment.
How was your experience working with Vangst/Vangsters:
I had an amazing experience working with the Vangst team. They did a great a job of getting to know me on a personal level, as well as understanding my career goals. I will recommend them to anyone seeking employment in this evolving industry.