With the budding cannabis industry came an explosion of new businesses in need of marketing, and Cannabrand stepped in ready to take on the industry. This full-service marketing agency and business consultancy was the first of its kind in the cannabis space!


Cannabrand has been helping to shape cannabis brands since its start in January 2014, which coincided with the beginning of the adult-use market for cannabis. They saw an opportunity to help “rebrand” cannabis, which ultimately works towards destigmatizing the industry as a whole.

To this day, Cannabrand prides itself on helping elite clients establish unique brand identities to differentiate themselves on the marketplace. They also help companies with business operations and capital services, and seek to open up cannabis use to a wider, more varied user base through expanded resources and education.


Cannabrand is currently seeking to hire a social media manager and account manager. A candidate lucky enough to get to the interview process can expect to meet the whole team and should be prepared to answer critical strategy questions.

When hiring new employees, founder and CEO Olivia Mannix looks for an effective communicator, self-starter, and a team player with an eye for detail. Top notch business and marketing skills are a must. She also hopes that potential candidates recognize that Cannabrand is still a startup in the cannabis industry, and although things can get tough, hard work pays off.

Vangst has recently placed an account manager, social media manager, digital marketing manager and business development manager at Cannabrand with great success.

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