6.15 Jeannie Tully

Jeannie Tully joined the Vangst platform in search of a better career in an emerging industry. She was hired by 1906 and is now an account manager for the edible cannabis brand. 

Here is Jeannie’s story on how she entered the industry through Vangst.

♦ ◊ ♦

Jeannie Tully was inspired to begin working in the cannabis industry upon learning the vast potential of its health and medical benefits for a variety of different conditions.

Her new position as as account manager at edible chocolate company 1906 allows her to pursue this passion in an exciting and energetic environment. It didn’t hurt that she already loved their natural botanical edible products, too!

“I knew it was fate,” Jeannie said of the new role she landed through Vangst. “The company is cutting edge and I love going into work each day!”

Jeannie is absolutely thrilled to be a part of the 1906 team after working in the industry for about a year and a half. She loves her kind and supportive team members and is very excited to help launch many new great products this year!

She had a fantastic experience finding a cannabis industry job with Vangst and appreciated that Vangst listened to her goals and priorities and offered plenty of expert advice to help her find the perfect fit. Now she has found the dynamic and rewarding role she desired. Congratulations to our newest Vangster!


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