Standard Farms strives to provide the best possible experience for consumers of its wide array of medical cannabis products. That’s why this ‘farm-to-patient’ grower and processor has been doing all of its work on site in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania since its inception in October 2016.


Tinctures use the sublingual delivery method as an alternative to vaporization or capsule delivery. (Photo courtesy of Standard Farms)

Standard Farms grows all of its cannabis in-house and uses an onsite extraction process to produce their full line of products, which includes vape cartridges, CO2 oil syringes, tinctures and capsules. Their goal is to use organic practices in order to produce a consistently pure and effective product.

“Every decision we make is with our customers in mind,” says Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Allbriton Robbins. “That’s why we use only organic farming practices and grow using greenhouses.”

Pure and organic processes are key in this company’s ‘farm-to-patient’ operation. (Photo courtesy of Standard Farms)

In addition to creating excellent products, co-founder and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Jonathon Goldrath and his colleagues wanted to start a company where everyone would actually be excited to go to work each day!

This goes beyond their famed lunchtime barbecues: They want to ensure that every employee can have their voice heard and, on a larger scale, create a company culture that can become a platform for expansion and education within the cannabis industry.

“We started this company to help people live better lives and it’s our patient’s stories that drive us to suit up and hit the greenhouses every morning,” says Goldrath.


These vaporization cartridges contain pure CO2 oil that is rich in terpenes and cannabinoids sourced from medical cannabis grown on-site. (Photo courtesy of Standard Farms)

Standard Farms is always on the lookout for motivated and talented individuals who are eager to learn – and cannabis industry experience, while helpful, is not a must.  

“Because this is a new space, we find that lots of skills are very much transferable to our industry. Actually having diverse resumes and backgrounds under one roof is one of our superpowers,” Robbins says of their role within the growing cannabis industry.

To become a part of the team at Standard Farms, expect a non-traditional interview path. Their team prefers to get to know your true personality and industry knowledge in a casual setting, no tie or high heels required.

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