Mali Sanati joined the Vangst platform in search of a new career in a growing industry.

She was hired by LeafLink and is now the Expansion Manager for the major sales management platform. Here is Mali’s story on how she elevated her industry experience through Vangst.

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       Mali Sanati already had a great foundation in the cannabis industry having worked for a major cannabis publication.

When she was ready to take the leap into a new role, Vangst helped her find the perfect fit for a seamless transition!

In 2016, she became the first Sales Manager at LeafLink! LeafLink is a business-to-business (B2B) sales management platform that helps cannabis brands, distributors, and retailers to manage and grow their businesses.

Mali now works as an Expansion Manager for the industry platform. Her work has been essential in launching the LeafLink platform into 10 new states and establishing it as the industry standard for cannabis businesses.

Her favorite part of her new job is “helping the company continue to grow!”

She is grateful for the long-lasting relationship she has built with Vangst.

“I have loved working with the Vangst team,” says Mali. “They were very helpful to me when I reached out to apply for a job with LeafLink and have kept the relationship going strong since then!”


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