1906 combines two of nature’s greatest gems into their own edible gems in order to provide the most pleasurable edible experience possible.

Using natural botanicals and chocolate, this Colorado company has created what they deem “new highs” optimized to enhance your life through quality edible cannabis goods.


Each type of edible is thoughtfully engineered to specifically target relaxation, energy, mood, sex, or sleep. Utilizing high-quality natural ingredients makes for a consistent experience every time, meaning that 1906 products can be enjoyed by even the most discerning and high-functioning adults.

This company was founded in 2015 on the premise of creating an excellent, low-dose and fast-acting product and redefining what it means to be high. They are always seeking excellent employees to enhance their entrepreneurial mission to be the nation’s leading premium cannabis brand

According to CEO Peter Barsoom, 1906 products are designed with the user in mind to, rather simply, make life better. A smooth experience is key.

“We’ve thoughtfully-engineered the whole journey — when it starts, how long it lasts, and which psychoactive and physical effects are desired,” says Barsoom.



With a team that includes everyone from brand ambassadors to chocolatiers, 1906 thrives on the quality and integrity of both its employees and its products.

They are always open to welcoming new team members who are the best at their craft, and who are equally as committed to their local communities, consumers, dispensaries, and 1906 products.

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