The cannabis industry is infamous for heavy regulation, and the legalization of medical cannabis in Illinois proved no exception. The founders of Cresco Labs decided to embrace this regulation rather than fight it and started the company in 2013!

They recognized the regulation as an opportunity to bring consistent, professional cannabis to patients across the country. Having come from the highly regulated mortgage banking industry, they noticed a professionalism gap within the cannabis space and decided to maximize the opportunity and use their expertise to create something new.

Cresco Labs is a vertically aligned cannabis company, with cultivation, processing, manufacturing and retail operations in five states. They focus on regulatory compliance, passionate product improvement, and innovation, which has made them one of the fastest-growing companies in the cannabis industry!

Emily Fitzgerald, HR Generalist, explains that the culture at Cresco Labs is governed by a set of core values that define the way they go about their hiring and their work.

We all embrace the adventure we are on together and understand the importance and effects of what we are doing,” she says.

Now Hiring

Vangst is currently looking to hire a Technical Writer and Sales Representatives (California) for Cresco Labs while currently working on placing many other executive level roles!

Interview Process

A candidate who is interviewing at Cresco can expect to begin by speaking to a member of the HR team, where they will get to know more about the position they are interviewing for and the culture of Cresco. A final round interview would be with the manager and any additional team members they would be working with.


Do you have what it takes?

According to Fitzgerald, the top quality that Cresco Labs looks for in potential employee is passion.  

“We want someone who believes in the cause and wants to get our brand out there no matter their role,” she says.

She describes Cresco as a team-oriented environment.  

“We all stay until the job is done and are proud of the work we have accomplished.  We can’t wait to see what our future holds and the relief we can bring to new people.”

Hired Through Vangst

Vangst has recently placed a SVP, Operational Excellence and VP, Operations in Ohio for Cresco Labs and is working on multiple other placements as well!

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