Tessa Parris joined Vangst in search of a new career in an emerging industry.
She was hired by 1906 and is now a packager for the renowned chocolate edible brand!

Here is Tessa’s story on how she entered the industry through Vangst.

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Tessa Parris was ready to find a job in the cannabis industry and connected with Vangst. Now she has landed a job as a Packager for premium edible chocolate brand 1906!

Tessa Parris


Coming from an artistic background, Tessa was very open to new opportunities within the industry. She always seeks to grow professionally and to further her education on a variety of topics.

1906 was the perfect fit for her!

This edible cannabis brand combines natural botanicals with drool-worthy cacao and cannabis for the ultimate edible experience.


Tessa’s new role as a packager is important to this type of company, where maintaining clean, consistent, and quality production is vital.

“It’s a very hands-on process that includes tasks such as working with chocolate molds, weighing, labeling, sanitation, wrapping, and operating various machines to deposit product,” says Tessa. “I’m happy to be responsible as a team member in the production process of packaging edibles!”


She absolutely loves being a part of the friendly and professional culture at 1906 and is excited to have easily found her new job through Vangst!

“Everything was streamlined for me, down to the parking [at the interview],” says Tessa. “I was placed right away and had access to answers to any questions that I might have had!”

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