Matt Hoffman joined the Vangst platform in search of a new career in a growing industry.

He was hired by Brook Lodge Cannabis Company and is now the Director of Cultivation for the cannabis startup! Here is Matt’s story on how he elevated his industry experience through Vangst.

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Matt Hoffman was an experienced cannabis grower when he decided to search for a new career in the industry with Vangst!

With over 20 years of experience under his belt, Matt was prepared to take on a new challenge.

He is now the Director of Cultivation for Brook Lodge Cannabis Company in Augusta, Michigan!


Matt entered the regulated cannabis industry in 2010. He started out as a Lead Grower and worked his way up to eventually become a Master Grower and Facilities Manager!

He also spent several years working with companies to obtain cannabis cultivation licenses in multiple states throughout the US.


Matt’s new role as the Director of Cultivation is crucial for Brook Lodge, where he is responsible for all aspects of cannabis cultivation for the startup.

“The fact that the company is a new startup really excites me,” Matt says. “I have the ability to design the cannabis facility from the ground up and be involved in the process from start to finish.”

Initially, he will be planning and designing all future buildings and determining how those spaces will be used. Other parts of his job include planning the style and type of grow the company will use, writing and implementing SOP’s for all aspects of the facility, hiring and training all new employees, and setting and adhering to all production schedules.


Matt had a great experience working with Vangst!

“Vangst had interviews for me in a matter of days and, as always, was really great to work with,” he says. “Without Vangst, I would have never known this position was available and my recruiter’s endorsement put me at the top of the list for Brook Lodge.”

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