Point7 is a woman-owned, woman-run cannabis consulting firm that took on the emerging cannabis industry in 2014!

Things took off two years later when founder and CEO Ashley Picillo committed to launching a full-service consultancy dedicated to the cannabis industry. Now the company is in its third year of business with offices in Denver and Los Angeles and has operated in 18 regulated cannabis markets around the US!

Founder and CEO Ashley Picillo. Photo by MG Retailers via Point7.  


Point7 has a dynamic team comprised of specialists in cultivation, extraction and processing, dispensary management, human resources, branding and marketing strategy, product formulation, and content development.

They specialize in pre- and post-license cannabis consulting by supporting clients in the development of application and licensing materials, standard operating procedure (SOP) development, marketing collateral and brand building, employee training and post-licensure operations. The design team also does facility design work including site diagrams, floor plans, interior design, environmental design plans and graphic renderings.

Point7 has won cannabis licenses for clients in some of the most competitive markets, including Pennsylvania and Ohio. In order to provide the most comprehensive service offering, the team works closely with a number of strategic partners who are subcontracted on a client-by-client basis to support a wide range of ancillary services such as web design, architectural drawings and renderings, as well as professional security and equipment services.


If you ask founder and CEO Ashley Picillo about the company’s success, she attributes much of it to its hardworking team and the overall company culture.

“Each person shows up each day with the same level of fervor to work as they do to play,” Picillo says. “Hard work is rewarded and acknowledged and the management team aims to connect each individual to the greater strategy to promote cohesion, inclusion, and retention.”

She explains that each member of the team is committed to greater business objectives and therefore willing to support other employees or areas of the company when needed in order to get the job done.


Point7 is currently hiring for Client Success and Technical Writing roles!

Picillo seeks creative, adaptable, self-motivated individuals who can see a problem and develop and pitch solutions that are outside of the box. A positive attitude and eagerness to grow is a huge plus.


For candidates interested in applying to Point7, be sure to include a cover letter! Writing competency is very important for work of this nature, so a cover letter is required as part of the screening process. Qualified candidates will first participate in a phone interview with a senior member of the team and, if successful, will advance to a final in-person interview at either the Denver or LA office, depending on the location of the role.

Candidates are assessed based on past experience, eagerness to learn, and their overall demeanor and fit for the position. While cannabis knowledge is important, it is not required for most roles. Throughout the interview process, candidates should expect questions about their past academic and professional experiences, their ability to work with others in a team-oriented environment, and how they have handled challenges in professional working environments.


Members of the Point7 team all wear many hats within each role of the company. No job at Point7 is limited to the sole tasks outlined in the job description, which always keeps things interesting! According to Point7, their CEO and Founder has performed practically every task and function at the company and feels that no scope of work is beneath her. Therefore, each employee is expected to dig in and support the company wholeheartedly.

“Every single person at Point7 is expected and encouraged to operate autonomously; it is how we’ve grown without having such a large staff,” Picillo says. “We want team members to visualize where they want to be six months or even a year down the road and to be comfortable and confident presenting ideas to the greater team.”

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