Mary’s Medicinals was founded on April 20, 2013 – the significance is not lost on us – and has been a leader in cannabis-based pain relief ever since!

This Colorado company is committed to accurate dosing and advanced delivery methods. They are best known as the creator and exclusive distributor of the award-winning Transdermal Patch, an adhesive patch with a quick onset used to relieve pain on any part of the body.

The popular transdermal patch with a 1:1 CBD:THC ratio.


Mary’s mission is to advance the global understanding, acceptance, and adoption of cannabis and other plant-based medicines.

“From our founder and partners to our scientists and production associates, our passion is paramount in everything we do,” says Marketing and Communications Manager Elle Welch.

“We firmly believe in the healing benefits of plant-based medicine and, in particular, cannabis – both from our own experiences and the incredible results we witness in patients.”

Mary’s discovered harvesting techniques for the isolation of CBC and was the first company to market the useful benefits of the cannabinoids THCa and CBN. The team continues to develop new cutting-edge approaches for isolating, manufacturing, and marketing medicinal cannabis.

All of Mary’s products are developed around five key pillars:

  • Accurate dosing
  • Convenient use
  • Clinical-grade delivery
  • Industry leading accountability
  • Patient first mentality

In addition to their popular patch, Mary’s also produces Remedy oil tinctures, Elite muscle freeze, supplement capsules, vape kits, and more!

All of these pain relief products utilize the healing properties of the cannabis plant. Some products solely contain the non-psychoactive CBD while others come in different forms that may use THC or a combination of various cannabinoids.


Welch describes Mary’s Medicinals as a fast-paced and collaborative work environment.

“All employees are held to a high standard of excellence, while still maintaining a fun and casual atmosphere,” she said.

Employees are expected to be fully invested in their positions, but also to maintain a healthy work-life balance.


Mary’s is growing fast and plans to hire in the near future!

For future job candidates, the first step of the interview process is a phone interview with the HR Coordinator. From there, a direct supervisor interview the candidate based on the branch of the company.

This team values trust, honesty, and respect, and looks for effective communicators who work hard.


“We strive for an atmosphere of excellence.”
– Elle Welch, Marketing and Communications Manager

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    Mary’s Medicinal’s Muscle Freeze is a highly effective way for athletes, performers or exercisers with muscle soreness or injury to treat BEFORE or AFTER performances or workouts!!

    5 Stars!!

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      Wow, this is great to know, Roger! We appreciate your input.

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    Mary’s Medicinals changed my life!

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      That’s amazing, Ryan! What products have you tried?