Trimmers, you know it all too well: You arrive at your new trimming job, brand new scissors in hand, excited for a fresh start. You walk up to the site only to find there is no sign, no one in charge, and no indication that you’re even in the right place.

Finally, you make your way to what you think is the trim room. It’s a complete mess: a dirty floor covered in last week’s filth, junk and papers everywhere, and a possible supervisor who seems annoyed at your very existence. You hesitantly ask for directions – it is your first day, after all – and are met with a vague, mumbled response that leaves you less than confident to start your work.

Pause. Let’s end the recurring nightmare right here.

As a member of the cannabis temporary workforce, you’ve seen it all: Messy and disorganized work sites, poor communicators who are somehow in charge, a negative work environment, and no future opportunity in sight.

If you’re new to the industry or looking for a change, don’t worry! There are PLENTY of awesome opportunities and great workplaces out there for temporary workers just like you. We’ve created a list of the top five things to look out for at your next workplace so you can go into your gig with the confidence that you’ll have a great work experience.

No matter what the circumstances, Vangst will always have your back. We strive to align our candidates with the opportunities that best suit them and vow to provide the best customer service from start to finish and beyond.

Read on to discover the Top 5 Things to Look Out For in Your Next Workplace.


Here’s a quick look at the top 5 things that indicate a good workplace:

  1. A maintained facility
  2. Order and organization
  3. Good communication
  4. Positive team environment
  5. Opportunity to advance


1. A maintained facility

A clean work environment indicates that the facility is well-kept and cared for. The cannabis industry has strict regulations when it comes to production facilities, so it’s a given that management should follow all compliance regulations for the work space.

When people take the time to maintain a clean facility on a daily basis, it demonstrates that they are concerned for the well-being of their employees and want to ensure a clean environment in which to create a compliant product.

2. Order and organization

The best way to complete a set of tasks is with a to-do list. A team environment like a trim room requires clear organization on how tasks are delegated to employees. Managers or supervisors should have a clear list of directions, company and client requirements, state regulations, and any other information needed for a trimmer to succeed at his or her job.

A workplace with an organized method of tasks and requirements is sure to provide a much better work experience than one without.

3. Good communication

No one wants to have orders barked at them, or to be penalized for doing something wrong instead of being taught the proper method. On top of that, a great manager should be open to feedback if he or she is not communicating in a manner that is conducive to the workplace.

“This is definitely the mark of a professional company,” says Vangst Gigs recruiter Samson O’Neil. “If they take [feedback] in regards to team direction, its great. If they take it into their product development, that’s the best.”

There is always room for improvement to make communication from both sides as effective as possible.

4. Positive team environment

A positive and supportive team environment is an integral part of a successful workplace. Management and employees who positively interact with their coworkers are more likely to be successful and feel supported, making it a much more comfortable work environment.

Additionally, employees should feel they can reach out to management to switch positions without their division.

“Companies that allow employees to move laterally within divisions is a huge indicator of a strong, people-oriented company,” says O’Neil.

5. Opportunity to advance

Very few companies have a guaranteed raise in their roles. Lucky for you, as a Vangst Gigs employee, many companies you would work for provide the opportunity to be paid more as time goes on.

In many of our contract-to-hire positions, companies will keep an employee for 3 months and then raise their pay at the end of the contract when they are hired on. This indicates that the company is serious about having you on their staff for the long term.


It’s important to recognize if you’re going into a workplace where you will succeed. When you join Vangst Gigs, not only will we choose a company that fits you best,  but we will always be a source of guidance and support. Our Vangst Gigs recruiters and Gigs Success Center vow to provide the best customer service and address all of your needs in the temporary workforce and beyond.

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