Avery Allen utilized her strong background in microbiology to find her new cannabis career.
Working with
Vangst helped her land a new role as the Extraction Manager at Grassroots Cannabis
Read on to learn about how Avery found her dream cannabis career through Vangst.

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Science opened the doors to cannabis for Avery Allen.

While studying biological sciences at Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, IL, Avery had the opportunity to conduct undergraduate research in microbiology.

During this time, Illinois passed the Medical Cannabis Pilot Program, which allowed qualifying patients and caregivers to apply for a medical cannabis registry card.

Soon after graduation, Avery’s experience helped her get hired at a Medical Cannabis Cultivation center. She began working as the Head of Extraction in 2016!

In this role, Avery performed carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction and trained other employees while managing the laboratory, working with products such as CO2 oil, concentrates, and edibles made with CO2 oil.

After going through interviews and extensive state-required background checks, she received training on this type of extraction to expand her knowledge on the subject.

Upon her return, she began setting up the lab and producing medical cannabis CO2 oil for Illinois patients alongside a dynamic team.


Fast forward to two years later, Avery connected with Vangst to land a job as the Extraction Manager at Grassroots Cannabis!

Avery is responsible for inventory management, production scheduling, training on extraction and processing, as well as overseeing and tracking product. 

She absolutely loves her new company and is very excited to be a part of the growing team at Grassroots!

Everyone is amazing!” Avery said of the Grassroots team. “The company is great about appreciating and rewarding employees for their hard work and overtime. And they have recently begun cultivation in Maryland and Pennsylvania, while also receiving licenses in Ohio and North Dakota.”

Part of Avery’s job involves scheduling extraction needs for various companies on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. That means she has inside scoop on certain happenings within the cannabis industry.

“We are carefully planning the roll-out of our concentrates to the patients of Illinois and we couldn’t be more excited,” she said.


Avery describes her time working with Vangst as “fantastic!” She is grateful for the positive communication and constant accessibility of her Vangst recruiter when searching for her new cannabis career.

“Vangst was very helpful and diligent when working with me. At my last job, I worked in an area where I did not get cell service and often worked late hours, and my Vangst recruiter always made himself available. I have recommended Vangst to many of my friends and colleagues!”

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