You often see characters in movies who strive to move to New York City with ‘a hope and a dream.’

But Meredith Gerdes flipped the (metaphorical) script. She moved from the Big Apple to Colorado with a green dream: to work in the cannabis industry.

Meredith tried on many hats before she was hired through Vangst as an Advertising and Business Development Executive at PotGuide!


PotGuide is an online consumer resource for all things cannabis, including a nationwide dispensary directory, cannabis-related event listing, strain reviews, and more.

When Meredith joined the Vangst platform, this self-described “cannabis, food, fashion, and makeup enthusiast” was prepared to take on a new challenge.

Her background in digital advertising and past employment at large-scale media groups gave her a solid foundation for her new role.

“My goal at PotGuide is to expand our already very impressive audience of around a million unique viewers per month,” she said.

Her goal will be implemented using multiple channels such as monetizing the website, forming strategic partnerships, and expanding PotGuide’s list of cannabis-friendly tours and lodging.


Meredith is over the moon about her new position at PotGuide.

“My new company is the coolest place I’ve ever worked!”

She loves the variety of opportunities available within her new role, where she gets to work on web development, site monetization, brand ambassador programs, and other creative pursuits.

“I could be at a pop-up at a dispensary one day and the next be presenting to the CEO of a top edibles company the next.”


Above all, Meredith is excited to work in an environment with honest communication and the ability to grow.

‘What we have here is a stellar company and website with exponential opportunities for success. …We have been real with each other about what we need to get the job done,” she said.

“It’s been refreshing to have an environment where employee wellness is a top priority. They have taken such good care of me from day one, and that speaks volumes.”


Meredith is very grateful to have found the perfect cannabis career through Vangst.

“My recruiter at Vangst was awesome,” she said. “[They are] really gifted at picking up on the different nuances of a person’s personality and offered me amazing feedback in order to prepare for the next phases of my interview.”

Cannabis opened a whole new set of doors for Meredith in the work world.

How cool is it that I can base my career around this industry? I’m pinching myself every day!”

♦ ◊ ♦

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