You walk into your favorite dispensary and take in the vast array of products created to soothe, heal, and inspire you. There are many choices, but your eyes drop to the glass shelf below. They land on a perfect drop of vibrant, swirling colors that could have appeared straight out of Willy Wonka’s daydream.

But there are no Oompa Loompas in sight, and the budtender is politely asking if you have any questions. You snap out of your captivated state as she informs you that the colorful pieces are Coda Signature truffles, a cannabis-infused edible product.


These artistic chocolates are one of many recreational and medical cannabis products created by Coda Signature, an award-winning producer of premium, cannabis-infused edibles, topicals, and concentrates.

Among fan favorites is the “Coffee and Doughnuts,” a cannabis-infused milk chocolate bar made with coffee, toasted milk, and cinnamon sugar – plus a total of 100mg of THC.

“Coda’s vision is to elevate cannabis edibles, oils, and topicals to an unprecedented level of quality, providing an exceptional experience for customers every time,” says Director of Human Resources Shirley Potenza.

She believes that this level of quality starts from within.

“In order to accomplish this, we recognize the need to foster a company atmosphere that promotes creativity, achievement, and longevity.”


The story of Coda Signature began in 2014 when CEO Mark Grindeland met co-founder and president Elizabeth Cooke. Cooke owned operated a medical dispensary and grow and was seeking assistance in running the business side of the company.

Grindeland worked as a management consultant for years. He never imagined being the co-founder and CEO of a cannabis company. But as his favorite saying goes: “We’re making plans and God is laughing.”

Coda Signature entered the market in March 2016 and has since received many awards for its edibles, including from from High Times, Dope Magazine, and the Cannabis Business Awards.


Coda Signature prides itself on having a comfortable and team-oriented environment.

“We want employees to know they are valued and have the opportunity to use their abilities and gifts to excel and, whenever possible, to advance in responsibility,” says Potenza.

“We believe everyone should be treated with respect and should feel comfortable talking to anyone, whether the CEO or President, their manager, or a co-worker.”The team holds monthly company-wide meetings to discuss the latest happenings and to review where they stand on the market. Team members can ask questions and make suggestions for both business and internal operations. They also use this time to indulge in free food and get to know each other better!


Coda Signature is hiring! They are seeking a Manager of Edibles, Manager of Topicals, and Manager of Extraction in Trinidad, CO and a Sales Associate in Denver.

Coda offers competitive wages and a benefits package that includes paid vacation and sick days, health insurance, dental, vision, and a bonus plan.

“We believe we are fairly unique in offering [certain benefits] in the cannabis industry. We offer stock options to our full-time employees in a fast-growing company!” says Potenza.


The Coda is team desires candidates with excellent leadership and communication skills. The ideal candidate is proactive, organized, and skilled at managing a diverse team.

“We love our team and try to make sure they understand how much we value them. We also believe in having a great time while working hard!” says Potenza.

Once it’s determine that a candidate could be a good fit, they will interview with the department manager. The next step is to interview with the COO and team in Trinidad. If the candidate is one of the final two or three candidates, they will  interview with HR and Coda Signature’s CEO and President.

“Without a strong staff, we would not be where we are today.”

– Shirley Potenza, Director of Human Resources

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