Sleek. Blunt. Informative. And a little risqué.

Only a handful of media companies have foraged into cannabis territory – PRØHBTD dove in headfirst from the high dive.

PRØHBTD Media was founded with the intention to conceptualize, launch, and build a new lifestyle media company specific to cannabis. Co-founders Drake Sutton-Shearer, CEO; Joshua Otten, Chief Content Officer; and Kieve Huffman, COO, planned to focus on the production of original content and curated products.

“Our passion is to speak the truth, to build an inclusive community, and to give back to the world,” says COO Kieve Huffman.


The team has since built a “cannabis ecosystem” – the first of its kind – that includes a brand creation and product development platform complemented by an original content studio.

True to its founders’ description as “a company of firsts,” PRØHBTD also created the first and largest multi-platform video distribution network in the cannabis industry, reaching an available audience of 100+ million people. 


One may recognize PRØHBTD for its unconventional content.

Their website includes videos, articles, curated products, and more.

According to the “About” page, PRØHBTD is an online destination for modern cannabis enthusiasts. They showcase an array of content that pushes back against “all forms of prohibition.”

With a homepage circulating eye-catching headlines like “The Government’s Role in Synthetic Marijuana Deaths” and “I Hosted a Brieing Party Where Middle-Aged Women Ate MDMA-Laced Cheese,” the company fits in well among the content-heavy, click-counting online media landscape of modern day.

Huffman says that over 60 cannabis brands partner with PRØHBTD for brand and product development, design, market strategy, and branded integration within its original content through the company’s award-winning in-house creative agency.

“PRØHBTD creates, builds, and markets cannabis brands to global audiences.” 

They are also recognized as the exclusive global cannabis partner of Advertising Week and Entrepreneur Magazine, in which they help to market cannabis business leaders to mainstream business influencers.  


PRØHBTD is currently in discussions about new roles they plan to hire through Vangst (stay up-to-date on those by creating a profile on Vangsters and checking Vangst). They have recently hired a Director and Brand Partnerships and Product Manager through Vangst!

They seek candidates who embody their guiding principles: truth, authenticity, inclusion, community, giving back.

Take it from the COO himself: “Candidates need to be leaders in their areas of expertise, driven, passionate, and smart.”


The interview process for qualified candidates begins with PRØHBTD’s HR Director, Roni Williams. Williams vets all candidates before going to the hiring managers. Next, the senior team will review the candidate before final decisions are made.


“We’re a company that has a history for being the first to accomplish major achievements in the cannabis industry,” says Huffman. “Join us if you enjoy being a pioneer and a leader.”

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