When you enter the cannabis industry, you are simply excited to be a part of it. And who can blame you? It’s an incredible, thriving industry to get into.

You may be hired as a trimmer and not give much thought to what your workplace should be like or how to advance in your cannabis career. But maybe you should, because the payoff for your hard work and dedication could be enormous.

Ella Wagge is one cannabis worker who climbed up the green ladder. She began her cannabis career as a trimmer. Five years later, she was hired through Vangst as the Director of Operations for the California Market at Holistic Industries!


Ella was always fascinated with cannabis and its medicinal properties.

“I never dreamed I could make a career out of it,” she said.

Ella entered the industry as a trimmer, then became a packager, and worked her way up to a position as propagation manager. But her journey didn’t stop there.

“As much as I enjoyed working with the plants I am very outgoing and enjoy working with people, so I soon switched over to the retail side,” she said.

On the retail side, she began as a budtender. Next she moved into a management role, then became a Director of Retail, and is now the Director of the California Market for Holistic Industries!


Ella’s experience ranges from cultivation to production and dispensary retail. In her new position, she oversees the managers of cultivation, production and retail.

She works closely with vendors to build relationships and order retail products, works on marketing strategy, and organizes promotional events. Other duties of the role include onboarding, budgeting, and helping to ensure a smooth and successful transition into the recreational market.

“I am extremely passionate about the cannabis industry and helping people,” Ella said.


In the future, she will be responsible for expanding and opening new locations for Holistic Industries within the California market.

Holistic Industries was the first cultivation center to open in Washington D.C. and the first to bring CBD to market. They own and operate seven medical cannabis facilities in four states and the District of Columbia with the mission to provide patients with the safest and highest quality cannabis medicine possible. They also utilize an environmentally friendly technique and grow medical-grade cannabis in a professional, controlled, and carefully monitored environment using an advanced cultivation system.

Ella is very excited to take on her new role at Holistic.

“I love a challenge,” she said. “Starting a new position with a growing company, learning and expanding my knowledge in a new market is all extremely exciting to me.”


Ella had an “amazing” experience elevating her cannabis career with Vangst.

“My recruiter helped me in making the best decision of my life!” she said. “They listened to my needs and were with me every step of the way.”

Vangst helped Ella seamlessly move forward in the industry.

“Taking the next step in your career can be an intimidating and stressful task but my recruiter made me feel at ease throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend the Vangst team to anyone seeking further opportunity in their career.”

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