We all grew up with heroes and roles models who inspired us, from rock stars to astronauts to professional athletes, and of course those a little closer to home.  

From a young age, these people influence our lives and decisions and often motivate us to work harder to attain our dreams. 

Taylor Pearce had two sources of inspiration in life: Bill Nye the Science Guy and his parents. 

These role models inspired Taylor to spend his life in pursuit of a career in health and medicine. His obsession with Bill Nye made him interested in science; and the positive influence of his compassionate parents made him want to help people. The medical industry would allow him to use science as a service to others. 

He never imagined that his experience in science and lab testing would land him a career in cannabis.

Taylor was hired through Vangst as the Laboratory Director at Level One Labs! 


Taylor graduated from the University of Oregon in 2013. After that, he pursued the pre-med path and worked at large chemical companies with many employees and little room to improve others’ lives.  

“The more I searched the more disenchanted I became, and I realized I didn’t want to settle down and get comfortable,” Taylor said. “I wanted to take exciting risks while I still could.” 

He was drawn to the allure of a fast-paced small business environment that sought to serve its community.  

By chance, a friend connected him with a small cannabis testing lab in Oregon that was so new they couldn’t even hire him.

Taylor knew it was a unique opportunity to help build a startup in a budding industry. So he volunteered his time, all the while refusing to give up.  

After spending a stressful summer struggling with testing methods, the team finally built a system that worked.

Taylor learned as much as he could from several mentors and worked his way up through lab roles until he became the interim lab director. 

“I was hooked and swept up into the crazy fun of the cannabis industry and I’ve been there ever since.” 


Finally, Taylor connected with Vangst and landed a job as the Laboratory Director at Level One Labs, a medical cannabis laboratory service in Arizona! 

“Now it’s my time to give back, apply that knowledge, and help build a testing lab to serve Arizona’s medical cannabis community,” Taylor said. “I strongly believe in doing things correctly, upholding ethical standards, and protecting consumer and patients’ rights and bodies from harm.” 



Level One Labs is a new laboratory that will serve the medical cannabis community with diagnostic testing services.  

They are preparing to offer testing services including potency profiles, terpene profiles, residual solvent analysis, and moisture content analysis. In the future, they will add microbial and pesticide screening services.  

“Following the lessons I’ve learned in Oregon’s cannabis testing industry, we will only be using high quality instrumentation, equipment, and methods to deliver accurate and reliable testing results,” Taylor said. “We promise to uphold our integrity and ethical standards to ensure results are based upon the scientific laws of nature and not the bias of others.” 

In his new role, Taylor oversees all scientific operations in the lab, including lab design and equipment purchases. He creates SOPs for the various tests performed as well as a quality system to maintain accurate and robust testing results. He also oversees all scientific personnel through hiring, training, and professional development.

“Never in my craziest dreams had I imagined an industry like this would exist,” Taylor said.  


Once the lab is fully open and running smoothly, his other duties will involve the direction of daily lab operations. He will ensure that sample integrity is maintained, review and check the data and quality system, and identify and implement technology and methods to improve workflow and data quality.

Taylor is beyond excited about the opportunity surrounding his new job. 

“It is a privilege and responsibility that I take very seriously, and I will do my best to apply the lessons I’ve learned from my mentors.” he said. “I’m very thankful to have worked with such trustworthy and supportive colleagues and to have been connected with such an excellent team.” 


Taylor is extremely grateful for his experience working with Vangst! 

“Before this, I never expected to be connected with a work opportunity through an online resource. It just seemed to good to be true, like getting a winning lottery ticket in an email,” he said.  

“I thought this would be a possibility in ten years or so but after corresponding with Vangst, I became more encouraged that this would become reality.” 


Previously, Taylor applied and interviewed for many jobs without such success. He said it made a world of difference to have a recruiter on his side who was available for questions, resources, support, and friendly conversation. 

“My recruiter was phenomenal and so excellent. For so many reasons I wouldn’t be where I am today without them,” Taylor said. “I really appreciate how friendly everyone is at Vangst, I feel like I’m treated more as a VIP than just a client.”

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