Everyone loves Friday night.

It means freedom, happiness, a sense of accomplishment – and perhaps some indulgence.

Friday Night Inc. embraces all of these qualities and brings top-notch business acumen to both the medical and recreational realms of the cannabis industry.

This Canadian public company owns cannabis and hemp-based assets located in Las Vegas as well as an international cannabis and mining security logistics consulting firm.


Their industry reach doesn’t stop there.

Friday Night Inc. ($TGIF) owns 91% of Alternative Medicine Association (AMA), a licensed medical and adult-use cannabis cultivation and production facility. AMA produces its own line of unique cannabis-based products and manufactures other brands.

In addition to AMA, Friday Night owns 91% of Infused Manufacturing, which produces hemp-based CBD products made with high quality botanical ingredients.

The company’s consulting firm, Spire Global Strategy, provides customized security programs, compliance, and a variety of other services for the legal cannabis sector.

Even with all of these entities, Friday Night Inc. is extremely focused on enhancing and expanding its current operations both within and outside of Nevada.


So what is it like to work for a company with so many projects?

“Have you ever seen a manager get fist bumps from all his employees at the end of the day?” said Executive Vice President Joe Bleackley.

“Although we are spread out over several states and countries now, we are one big family and all of our people believe in the same core values.”


Friday Night Inc. was born in June 2017 via a reverse takeover.

The founders purchased the original assets of Infused Manufacturing and AMA, Nevada’s pioneering cannabis cultivator, just weeks before the Nevada market opened its doors for adult-use cannabis.  

Executive Vice President Bleackley is grateful for all of the opportunities that cannabis has provided.

“This plant we call cannabis and the compounds that exist within it are benefiting the people of this world in many ways,” he said.

“Everyone in our organization wants to be at the forefront of this global cultural shift. And, ultimately, we just want to help other humans.”


If this sounds like the professional environment for you, you’re in luck – Friday Night Inc. is hiring!

They are currently working with Vangst to hire a Business Development Manager. This is a crucial role that will be instrumental in providing growth and opportunities within the Canadian market.


Friday Night Inc. seeks candidates who are a good cultural fit with the company. They look for someone with adequate experience in the field as well as the unique skill set required to add value to the overall team.

“We are a progressive company at the forefront of this nascent industry, and we pride ourselves on the team of highly skilled employees that form our core group,” said Bleackley.

The interview process begins with introductory phone calls, followed by a more specific interview via phone and email. Finally, an in-person meeting is required. This company seeks not only significant relevant experience, but the right fit within the group.

“We absolutely believe that human capital is the most important aspect related to the success of our business,” said Bleackley. “Collectively, our management boasts well over 80 years of experience in the cannabis industry, encompassing finance, capital markets, cosmetics and cultivation rearing environments.”

“We value employment equity and diversity
and believe that our greatest assets are the talent and expertise of our people.”

– Joe Bleackley, Executive Vice President, Friday Night Inc.

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Are you interested in learning more about Friday Night Inc.? Contact us at COTW@vangst.com!


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    Dear Mr. Bleackley:
    What would be the best course of action to apply for the business development opportunity you’re recruiting for? A bit about myself… I am a resident of NJ. As i’m sure you’re aware, adult use legislation is just around the corner here. My professional objective is to represent an organization both here at home and in other new, emerging markets. I I’m quite proud of the assets and values I’ve accumulated throughout my professional life; many of which do not readily appear on a resume:
    • Appearance- In my view, a priority. The “first impression” factor will be a key ingredient in the development of quality, lasting business relationships.
    • Character- Every member of every team of every business application will be scrutinized for their background not only pertaining to this industry, but will be evaluated for successful adaptation based on multiple common denominators.
    • Mature Credibility- Experience is one of the best teachers. While the actual business will be new, there will undoubtedly be models, scenarios and yes, problems that will arise that may mirror comparable, common issues that I have successfully addressed in previous endeavors.
    • Qualifications- In preparation for transition into the Cannabis industry, I have attained certification (Trichome Institute) that is currently approved in the state of Colorado and mandated by the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.
    • Track Record- I take great pride in performance, prestige and profitability.
    • Time- I am currently an “empty nester” and can offer flexibility and adaptation of schedule to suit the appropriate need(s).
    Thanks in advance for your time and consideration. Sincerely, Irwin Levine

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      Hi Irwin,

      It sounds likes you have some great skills and qualifications. Please contact the Vangst team at COTW@vangst.com to learn more about this position at Friday Night Inc. Thank you for reading!