What do an umpire, a wetland restoration specialist, and a business management professional have in common?

They are all the same individual: Derrick Levy, a cannabis professional hired through Vangst.

Derrick has done it all. He attended the University of Wyoming where he studied Business Management and played football.

Upon graduation, he began work as a Field Specialist in wetland restoration, while also working as a baseball umpire and coaching youth football and basketball.

So how did he possibly enter the cannabis industry, you ask?

Well, it helps to have friends in high places.


Derrick transitioned into the cannabis industry in 2010 when a friend purchased a medical dispensary, and, recognizing Derrick’s business expertise, hired him as a key employee.

His varied background has served him well.

Derrick was hired through Vangst as a Dispensary Manager at Green Thumb Industries (GTI)!

“GTI is a great company!” Derrick said. “From top to bottom this company is growing rapidly which is exciting.”


According to Derrick, the company plans to open up about 50 more stores in the next year.

“It’s beyond amazing, and I’m just excited to be a part of something so big,” he said.

GTI recently purchased the store where Derrick hired as the general manager. His responsibilities are to maintain and establish the company culture. Implementing procedures and SOPs was the top priority, while also maintaining margins and setting goals for the team to reach.

His prior experience in the industry included working at medical dispensary BotanaCare, one of the first stores to sell legal cannabis in Colorado in January 2014. He helped the store transition to recreational retail before it eventually merged with Bgood Ventures, where he assumed the role of General Manager.

Derrick is thrilled to be a part of the GTI team. The thing he likes most is the opportunity to continue to grow.

“With GTI’s continued growth there will be opportunities to move up in the company, and that is what drives me and excites me about the future,” he said.


He had a wonderful experience working with Vangst.

“Vangst was beyond amazing!” he said.

Having the support and expertise of a cannabis industry recruiter made all the difference for Derrick.

“Understanding the stress and helping me decide which options would be best for me, gave me peace of mind knowing I was making the best decision,” he said. “From the first time we spoke, I knew my recruiter cared and it was so essential to have them as I went through the process.”

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