Long gone are the days of scrappy joints and homemade gravity bongs.

Cannabis consumption is more prominent and professional than ever, with over 30 states and the District of Columbia permitting legalized medical use in the US alone. (Two entire countries have legalized cannabis nationwide and over 30 countries allow MMJ.)

Gears are shifting as people recognize the myriad benefits of the plant and constantly find new, innovative ways to maximize its healing properties.

PAX Labs was ahead of the game. Back in 2007, the electronic consumption device company was founded with the goal to modernize smoking.

Now boasting three distinct products, PAX Labs is among the leading brands of cannabis vaporizers. And with devices made for oil, concentrates, and flower, there is something for every consumer.


PAX Labs was founded by Stanford Design School classmates James Monsees and Adam Bowen. In 2012, they launched the PAX 1 to introduce a unique way to enjoy loose leaf cannabis.

Now PAX offers a full product portfolio of vaporizers and compatible software that speak to consumer needs of control, predictability, and modern design for every type of cannabis experience.

“PAX is on a mission to establish cannabis as a force for good and eradicate the stigma around responsible adult use,” said Talent Acquisition team member Nicole Stanley.

“The company is at an exciting stage right now,” she said. “The advent of legalization has expanded the consumer landscape, and with our quality hardware and customizable software, we are well-positioned to bring the best experiences to many different types of consumers.”

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According to Talent Acquisition team representatives Molly Orloff and Nicole Stanley, PAX Labs CEO Bharat Varsan is focused on fostering a mission driven culture where people are truly excited to come to work.

Most of PAX’s leadership team is new to the company as of this year.

“We are an ambitious group of people who are passionate about leading with purpose in the cannabis space,” the team said.

The PAX team describes itself as humble, full of positive energy, and always striving for excellence both in its products and in the well-being of its teams.


PAX has recently hired Field Marketing Manager and Territory Sale Manager roles through Vangst!

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. PAX Labs is hiring!

They are seeking to hire a Director of Dispensary Marketing, Marketing Analyst, and Marketing Team Leads through Vangst.


“We serve with passion and always aim to do the right thing,” said the Talent Acquisition team. “We work in service of a purpose larger than ourselves.”

PAX seeks team members who are passionate about the product and genuinely curious about the cannabis space.

They constantly pursue growth and education and set high goals to make them reach a little farther.

“We value humility and work to make those around us better,” they said. “We believe the best expertise an employee can bring is learning, adapting and figuring new things out.”

PAX values open communication and a constant flow of feedback to improve as both individuals and a team.


The interview process at PAX Labs is structured.

Candidates can expect an initial phone interview with a member of our recruiting team, a second phone interview with the hiring manager or core member of the hiring team, and an on-site interview at HQ in San Francisco.

During an on-site interview, candidates meet with multiple team members and get a feel for the team, the role, and the company culture.

The PAX team focuses on fostering a smooth and enjoyable interview experience where candidates can get a realistic feel for what life at PAX is like.


PAX is dedicated to lead and act responsibly, even when the rules aren’t clear.

“We are building a brand that makes us and our families proud,” said Stanley. “In everything we do, from product to people, we ask ourselves how we can improve.”

Failure, feedback and personal development are core to the PAX Labs experience.

“We foster an environment of diversity, inclusivity and respect and hold all incoming talent to that same bar.”

– Nicole Stanley, Talent Acquisition at PAX Labs


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    I’m interested in the entire south!

    Know this industry.

    Have family utilizing prescription based products.

    I can sell an Eskimo an ice cube!


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      Hi Andrea,

      Thanks for checking out the Vangst blog! We recommend you check out our direct hire positions on our website under “Job Seekers.” You can also create a profile on Vangsters to showcase your skills and experience and even browse open positions in your area. Feel free to contact us with any further questions. Best of luck! – Catherine

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    Hello there,

    Curious, are you looking for reps for the Northeastern United States area? Pax has been around for a long time. Products have been on point, customer support has been great, and I strongly believe that Pax as a whole will continue to grow tremendously over the next few years. Pax Labs is definitely a forward thinking company.

    That Era is something that really should be made available over here on the East Coast. Killer, killer product. Pods are not really available at all around here but readily available in Vegas and California. I’d love to be apart of a team that is responsible for demo’ing products, educating consumers and business owners alike, and watching it take hold. At any rate, I’ll create an account on this and take a look through your current openings. I’m currently in distribution and also act as a technical systems trainer for automation systems .

    • Avatar

      Hi David,

      Thanks for your interest in PAX Labs! We agree that PAX is on top of their game! You’re on the right track in creating a profile on Vangsters. You can always email us to connect with one of our cannabis industry recruiters. Good luck! – Catherine

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    Are you looking for someone with a well-rounded business background? I have done a little (or lot) of everything and have an MBA.

    Thank you

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      Hi Curtiss,

      Thanks for reading! Feel free to browse the direct hire positions on our website under “Job Seekers.” We also recommend you create a profile on Vangsters to showcase your skills and experience to potential employers. You’ll then be able to browse available jobs in your area. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Best of luck! – Catherine

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    I’m very interested in the industry as a whole, and I have many years of experience selling.

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      Hi Rob,

      Thanks for checking out the Vangst blog! If you haven’t already, we recommend you create a profile on Vangsters. You can highlight your experience and qualifications to employers and even browse open positions in your area. Please reach out to us with any further questions. Good luck! – Catherine