Heather joined the Vangst platform in search of a better career in the cannabis industry.
Here is Heather’s story on how she entered the cannabis industry through Vangst!

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Heather Stanley turned her passion for plants into a full-fledged cannabis career.

After starting a job with a hydroponics company by chance, she fell in love with all aspects of that industry and worked there for nine years. She learned a ton about the cultivation side of growing and was inspired to get into cannabis.

Heather was hired through Vangst as the General Manager at Connected Cannabis in Long Beach, CA!


Growing up in Orange County, a love for the outdoors was ingrained in Heather’s upbringing.

“From swimming at the beach, to snowboarding in the mountains, I was always in my happy place,” she said.

Working for a hydroponics company was something unexpected, but she fell in love with it right away.

“I instantly knew it was where I was supposed to be,” Heather said. “The people, the product, and the backbone of what growers were looking to achieve: sustainability and helping others.”

She learned a lot about cultivation, which served her well in finding her future cannabis career.


In her new position as General Manager of the Long Beach location of Connected Cannabis, also known as Connected 405, Heather is able to work with many different aspects of the company  – from customer service to working with the actual product. She helps to implement policies, SOPs, and more.

“Connected Cannabis is … setting the standard for dispensaries,” Heather said.

The company currently has five dispensaries with a sixth coming online this month.

“Connected isn’t just the average dispensary, we are the ‘#designerweed’ dispensary,” she said. “Not only do we pride ourselves with having the best product on the market, but Connected has very educated, friendly staff who are ready to help each customer with their specific needs.”

At her new company, Heather led the Southern California stores in implementing policies and protocol so that all of the stores would run seamlessly and on a united front.

“Coming from the outside and being placed into a management position can sometimes be tricky, but all of the Connected staff have been open to change,” Heather said. “[They know that] these new policies and ways of doing things will only make things better for their staff and their stores, and thus drive revenue in a positive way.”

As manager of the medical dispensary’s Long Beach location, Heather focuses on the policies and protocol of the growing company. She gets to work on a little bit of everything and loves being a part of the cannabis community.

“I am excited to be a part of the Connected Cannabis team because we are in a blossoming industry and making a positive change,” she said.


Heather is thrilled she found her cannabis career through Vangst.

“I had a great experience working with the Vangst staff!” said Heather. “The recruiter that first reached out to me was very open with what they were looking for and gave great feedback with each of our calls.”

She feels that she can truly help people by working in the cannabis industry.

“Cannabis is changing people’s live for the better,
and I love that I get to help make that change.”

– Heather Stanley, General Manager at Connected Cannabis

“I am very lucky to have Vangst reach out to me and help pave the path to the job I have now!”

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