Glenn McCarthy joined the Vangst platform in search of a better career in an emerging industry. He was hired by Nutritional High and is now the Business Development Manager for Washington state!

Here is Glenn’s story on how he entered the cannabis industry through Vangst.

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You’re sitting at your desk in your tedious office job.

You carry out the same droning tasks day after day as you watch the calendar pages flip with no excitement to speak of.

You’ve heard about the amazing growth in the cannabis industry. You’ve seen the stats. But it could never be for you, right?

Wrong! Many people who enter the cannabis industry agree that it’s the last place they thought they would end up.

Glenn McCarthy was one of them.


The “consumer electronics veteran” and experienced sales professional had almost 20 years of experience when he decided it was time for a change.

He was also a medical cannabis user who saw a world of possibility in the cannabis industry.

Since he already had an extensive background established in sales, Glenn took it upon himself to learn more about what he wasn’t quite as familiar with – cannabis.

He worked on farm in Washington for six months to learn the intricacies of the industry and all aspects of business, from hemp seed to wholesale.

After the enlightening experience, Glenn sought to find a position in cannabis where his extensive professional experience could be utilized to the fullest potential.

Glenn recognized the vast amount of opportunity in cannabis for someone with his experience and connected with Vangst to help find a career that was the perfect fit.

He was hired as the Business Development Manager for Washington state at Nutritional High Inc.!



Nutritional High works to develop, acquire, and design products and brands in the MIP and oil extract sectors of the medical and adult-use cannabis markets.

As the Business Development Manager for Washington, Glenn is responsible for developing and managing all sales operations in that region. He works to establish, regain, or capture market share where deemed necessary.

He is thrilled to be a part of the Nutritional High team – and for all of the potential that comes with such a rapidly growing industry.

“The fluid nature of the industry excites me and keeps me waking every morning eager to work!” Glenn said.

“It’s a fantastic feeling to have, and one I have missed for some time.”


Glenn had a “refreshing” experience working with the Vangst recruitment team.

He worked with other placement agencies throughout his career and did not have a positive experience until he connected with Vangst.

“[They] provided fantastic communication, immediate follow-up, and were always available to discuss the process and assist with negotiations,” Glenn said. “Vangst has restored my faith that professionalism and follow through does still exist.”

We wish Glenn the best of luck in his new role at Nutritional High!

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