Welcome to our first episode of SEED TO SOUND!

We are officially LIVE and very excited to share the voices of the Vangst community with the world.

We’re thrilled to have you on board and hope you enjoy Seed to Sound as much as we enjoy making it!

In our inaugural episode, Vangst founder and CEO Karson Humiston spoke with the Native Roots Director of HR (and Vangst placement) Christine Hodgdon about getting a job and hiring in cannabis!

Christine had ZERO cannabis experience before walking into her interview at Native Roots.

Not to mention her husband is law enforcement officer, and cannabis still operates in a space that is not entirely legal under federal law. That made for an interesting conversation!

Karson Humiston interviews Christine Hodgdon of Native Roots with Seed to Sound producers Hannah Holmgren and Catherine DeMuro.

But Christine got up close and personal experience with the heavy compliance and professionalism of the industry when she was hired at Native Roots through Vangst.

“I quickly found out that there are so many challenges in this industry that are very different than any other industry you could possibly imagine yourself working in,” Christine said.

After getting a feel for how the company worked, she wanted to learn everything she possibly could about cannabis!



 Get an inside look at hiring in cannabis – and expert job seeker tips – here!


Fun fact: Our shiny new microphones arrived right after this episode was recorded! Hooray for progress!


OSHA – Occupational Safety and Health Administration

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Produced by Catherine DeMuro and Hannah Holmgren at Studio V in Denver, CO.
Music by Tyson Weigel.