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A huge thank you to everyone who tuned into our first episode last week.
We’re excited to bring the voices of the cannabis community to light — now with our new and improved recording equipment!

If you’re a MED badge holder in Colorado, you’ve probably heard of the Colorado Badged Network, aka CBN – a Facebook group for badged cannabis workers throughout the state. Here they can discuss everything from job listings to legal updates to industry events.

Co-founders Hayley Witherell and Joe Webb are both cannabis industry professionals with full-time jobs outside of the group. But they still dedicate much of their time to running it and contributing to discussions pertaining to the ever-changing cannabis industry.

“We try to be that ‘water cooler’ for the industry and make it a very accessible place,” said Webb. “Being as 90% of people are already on Facebook, you’re already wasting your time so might as well try and waste it in a good way, you know?”

In this week’s episode, Vangst Office Coordinator and Seed to Sound co-producer Hannah Holmgren chats with Hayley and Joe of the CBN about what motivated them to start the group, advice for job seekers in cannabis, and more.

Get to know more about this amazing cannabis network here!