Our Featured Company of the Week sought to solve a problem and innovate the budding cannabis vaporizer market.

GHOST Vapes got its start by bringing the persistent idea of one of their founders to life.

He wanted to create a superior quality, on-demand, heat-not-burn convection vape – with a great battery life to boot. In early 2016, that notion came to life in the form of what became the MV1 vaporizer.


GHOST now operates globally and has offices in Los Angeles, USA; London, England; and Jersey, Channel Islands. They sell through an ever-growing network of distributors, retailers and direct to consumer via their own e-commerce platform.

The MV1 successfully launched to critical acclaim earlier this year; and GHOST recently launched the matte black MV1 Stealth Edition, which they describe as “phenomenally successful.”

“The exclusive use of medical and food grade materials, combined with true convection, no possibility of charring or combustion and our proprietary heat sink, delivers cool vapor of the highest purity every session,” said co-founder Aaron Chatterley.

GHOST Vapes now boasts a wide variety of high-end cannabis vaporizers and accessories, plus an accompanying app.


According to Chatterley, GHOST Vapes operates with a completely flat management structure and an open-door policy. He attributes the success of this management style to the highly motivated and dedicated staff who are thrilled to work in such an exciting, emerging industry.

“There’s a real can-do attitude among the team, and an amazing camaraderie that extends out of the office,” said Chatterley. “It’s a fun, professional, and challenging place to work that is also full of opportunity as the business continues to grow at a very fast pace.”


GHOST Vapes is ready to expand their team through Vangst! They are currently seeking to hire a Social Marketing Manager.

This team looks for hard-working, motivated professionals to join their team. They like individuals who place a strong focus on service and what’s best for the customer, as well as a desire to create a superior product designed to meet their needs.

The interview process varies depending on the role. For LA-based roles, the first interview takes place in the GHOST Vapes Beverly Hills office with the department head; and for remote positions, the initial interview takes place via Skype.

According to Chatterley, it is important for candidates to have a core belief in the market they operate in and all of the good that it does – and will continue to do.

“But, perhaps most of all, we’re looking for people who are going to love what they do and fit in with the rest of the team as we continue to break down barriers and dominate the market,” he said.


Above all, co-founder Chatterley wants potential candidates to know that GHOST is “a genuinely amazing an inspiring place to work.”

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