You hear something new and exciting about the cannabis industry every day.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that growing this industry has been a long and arduous process for many people. In California, medical use cannabis has been legal since 1996! The rest of the nation is slowly but surely catching up.

Christina Bullard is one of the many hardworking individuals of the California cannabis space.

With over 15 years of experience in different facets of the industry, Christina explains that she has been “working through the dirt and the grind to keep this industry alive.”

All of her efforts and dedication paid off. Christina was hired as the Northern California Account Executive at Cresco Labs through Vangst!


“Cresco is unlike any other company I have discovered in the California market,” Christina said.

Cresco Labs is a vertically aligned cannabis company that has cultivation, processing, manufacturing and retail operations in five states. They focus on regulatory compliance, passionate product improvement, and innovation, which has made them one of the fastest-growing companies in the cannabis industry! They are involved with every element of the seed-to-sale process.

“I could not be more excited to work with Cresco as we launch in California and help support the progress of compliance,” Christina said.

In her new role as the Account Executive for Northern California, Christina works directly with store owners, investors, and buyers to put Cresco product on the shelves as well as to help support dispensaries’ needs in this rapidly growing space. She covers the sales route of the South Bay, ranging from San Jose to Santa Cruz through Monterey and Big Sur.

“Working with a multi-brand like Cresco is a very progressive and unique approach to the current cannabis market,” Christina said. “This rapidly growing company is filled with enthusiasm and excitement, but held to the highest standards of compliance and professionalism.”


Having been in the industry for so long, Christina remains very driven to make and keep cannabis available to people who benefits from its medical properties and to help facilitate progress in California.  

Before connecting with Vangst, she worked in store management, budtending, cultivation, manufacturing, packaging, and sales. All of her prior cannabis experience was helpful in finding a cannabis career with Vangst.

“It’s a strength to be flexible within this industry and to be understanding of what it really takes to do this effectively,” she said. “I just recently came from training in Chicago at the corporate office and was truly moved by this outstanding group of people – True leaders of professional cannabis!”


Christina is grateful she found her dream job in cannabis through Vangst!

“It was an honor to work with Vangst.” she said. “[My recruiter] helped me to feel supported and hold my confidence through the extensive interview process.”

Vangst’s Direct Hire recruiting team worked tirelessly to help place Christina in the job that was the perfect fit for me.

“Working with Vangst really took my job search to the next level, as there were many different options and opportunities along the way,” she said. “Vangst, thank you so much for helping me take my career to the next level!”

“Vangst was able to find me a position that was beyond my wildest dreams.”
– Christina Bullard, Account Executive at Cresco Labs

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    Woohoo!! So happy for Christina!

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      She’s a rockstar! Great job!

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    How can I get connected with vangst

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      Hi Jessica,

      Thanks for your interest in Vangst! You can get in touch with a recruiter via our Customer Success Team ( we also recommend you create a profile on to highlight your skills and experience. From that point, you’ll be able to browse jobs in your area. You can also browse direct hire positions on We’re here to answer any other questions you may have! Best of luck. – Catherine