Work hard and never give up. Do what you love. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

How many of us have received key advice from a mentor, friend, or family member?

For Josh Simon, a piece of advice from a close friend – who happened to run a successful Colorado concentrate company – made all the difference in starting his cannabis career.

Later on, Josh finally connected with Vangst. He was then hired as an Account Executive and Los Angeles Manager at LeafLink!


Josh started out in a sales career right out of college. He handed business accounts at an Apple Store, and moved on to work in many different sales roles in advertising and real estate. A few years later, he decided it was time to find work in the cannabis space.

Back to that key piece of advice: Josh’s good friend and cannabis industry mentor told him that he had to do anything I could to break into the space. He recommended starting out with distribution companies based on the new regulations at the time.

From that point, Josh started his career as a sales manager for a distribution company. He managed a team of five sales reps selling a variety of product, which exposed him to such regulations and prepared him for what was ahead.

After almost a year at the company, Josh decided it was time to get into a more legitimized field of the space. That’s when he decided to connect with Vangst!

Now Josh is loving his new role as an Account Executive at Leaflink!


“Every day is something new,” he said. “This may sound corny, but it’s especially true in the cannabis space where regulations and products change daily.”

LeafLink created the largest B2B e-commerce platform in cannabis that connects licensed retailers with licensed brands and distributors.

“We are now in almost 15 different markets and work with over 2,500 dispensaries and 800 brands across the country!” said Josh.

In his new role, Josh is responsible for prospecting new business through research and networking, performing sales demos, building a network of retailers, and closing deals.



He is thrilled to a part of the ever-blooming cannabis industry.

“There is always a new challenge but with that comes a new success!” he said. “We have scaled up successfully and it’s been quite a ride.”

Josh loved working with Vangst!

Vangst defines the standard in cannabis recruiting with their vast network of employers and highly talented recruiting team.”

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