Francesca Slater joined the Vangst platform in search of a better career in an emerging industry. She was hired by Connected Cannabis Co. and is now the Distribution Manager for the California designer cannabis brand!

Here is Francesca’s story on how she entered the cannabis industry through Vangst.

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California was always ahead of the cannabis curve. Having passed legal medical use cannabis in 1996, they were on the right track. When recreational cannabis passed in 2016, everything changed.

Francesca Slater wanted to get in the game.

She was working in Pharmaceutical Distribution when Proposition 64, the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, was passed. Francesca had friends who worked in the cannabis industry and was intrigued.

Wanting to learn more about breaking into cannabis, she connected with Vangst through our job board.

Francesca was hired as the Distribution Manager at Connected Cannabis Co.!


Born and raised in Cebu, Philippines, Francesca moved to Tampa, FL in 1999. She made her way to California after achieving a B.A. in Political Science and International Studies and a minor in Women’s Studies & Philosophy from the University of Central Florida.

Life in California offered her a new lifestyle and new career opportunities. Francesca is thrilled about her new role at Connected Cannabis!

Connected Cannabis Co. is recreational and medical cannabis company with locations throughout California. They pride themselves on helping to usher in a new era of cannabis consumption with their “#designerweed” branding, which appeals to the contemporary consumer crowd.

“I am incredibly excited to work in a rapidly growing industry with so much potential for growth,” Francesca said.

As head of the distribution department, she assists in creating the infrastructure for a full-scale supply chain operation. Her main focus is to drive efficiency and production rates.

“I am merging my own experience in supply chain, distribution and logistics with a passion for the industry,” said Francesca. “I feel privileged to get to be a part of the decision-making that will drive the success and growth of Connected.”


Francesca is happy to have connected with Vangst through our job board! She was put it touch with a recruiter who worked with her skills and qualifications to find her the perfect job.

“It was incredibly easy to work with the Vangst team,” said Francesca. “My recruiter kept me in the loop every step of the way; and even without an actual position open, they set me up for success.”


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