The Diem Cannabis co-founders turned their life motto into a full-blown cannabis brand.

“The Latin phrase ‘carpe diem,’ which means “seize the day,” means a lot to us in terms of life,” said co-founder and CEO Chris Mitchem. “We understand in the great scope of things, we’re fairly insignificant; we get just a few years to do anything on the planet.”

He and co-founder Frank Kanekoa teamed up in early 2017 to launch what would become Diem Cannabis.

Mitchem worked in the medical market at the time and wanted to transition to the recreational side. He and Kanekoa pooled some money to build their own farm and dispensary and kicked things off for Diem.

“We wake up every day thinking about how we can make the most of it, and Diem is the representation of that general feeling.”


Diem Cannabis is a vertically integrated cannabis company that grows cannabis, creates products, and has brick-and-mortar dispensaries. They also boast the biggest cannabis delivery service in the state of Oregon.

Above all, says Mitchem, “Diem is a company that is doing the right thing. We make decisions in a way that we pride ourselves on being good people and not screwing anyone over … We’re the good guys in this industry and do what we say we’re going to do.”

Diem currently has one dispensary in Oregon and is in the process of building four dispensaries in Massachusetts that will be finished in Q2 of 2019.


According to Mitchem, Diem Cannabis prides itself on putting the customer first.

“There are all sorts of distractions in the industry: You can think about competition, think about products, but we like to bring back to the customer – that’s a huge part of our culture,” he said.

They also foster a culture of empowerment. Every hire down to the newest budtender is given the freedom and opportunity to make an impact, and they want to continue to grow a team that is excited about such opportunities and take them into their own hands.

“You’re not going to be a cog in the machine; you’re going to be a vital, important piece of the company.

Noting former President Theodore Roosevelt as a hero, Mitchem references his coined phrase, “get action” to represent their company culture. Rather than micro-manage, the Diem management prefers to delegate tasks and empower employees to succeed.

“We give people real opportunities to make change in the industry. That’s a huge part of our core values.”


Remember Diem’s exciting expansion slated for 2019? Vangst will be hiring Diem’s team of budtenders for Massachusetts! For more information, contact

Vangst recently assisted Diem in their COO hire search.

“Vangst has been a great connection for us in the industry and we’re proud to call Vangst a friend of Diem,” said Mitchem. “We’re looking forward to working with Vangst more in the future.”


The Diem teams seeks independent problem-solvers to join their growing team.

“We look for people that, once they learn their job, they can operate independently, move independently, [and] they have an achiever mentality where they have their own engine,” said Mitchem.

Passion is another huge component of what sets candidates apart. Not only a passion for cannabis, but for anything in life from hobbies to sports to music.

“As long as you have that ability to be passionate about something, you’re usually a person with energy and drive where you can translate that passion to the company that you’re working for or the industry that you’re working in,” said Mitchem.

The CEO also seeks future team members who, to put it simply, want to change the world.

He believes that the cannabis industry plays an integral role in making such changes by getting people out of jail, saving tax dollars, sending tax dollars back to the government, and getting people off opioids.

“That’s not just me blowing smoke as the CEO, we’re changing the world.
And we’re looking for people who understand that mission and believe in it.”