Happy New Year from the Vangst Team!

This has been a year of incredible growth, with many changes, challenges, and successes to speak of. We are very proud to have released the first-ever Cannabis Industry Salary Guide, launched our Vangst GIGS platform, and to have launched our podcast, Seed to Sound!

Here at Seed to Sound, we've loved every minute of creating the podcast.

We aim to enlighten our audience on the growth and professionalism of the cannabis industry, highlight the breadth and availability of jobs in cannabis, showcase the hard work of a wide array of industry professionals from CEOs to technology gurus, and to work towards destigmatizing the plant and industry as a whole.

While you'll learn about all of these things and more by tuning in, what you may not get a full glimpse of is all the fun we have behind the scenes.

For our special edition New Year's Eve episode, we've pulled together some of our favorite bloopers from the past two months.

Thank you for your continued support. We hope you'll laugh along with us all the way into 2019.


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