You already know that Vangst is a recruiting technology platform that helps place thousands of talented job-seekers in cannabis careers around the globe.

Have you ever wondered what our recruiters are actually like behind the scenes?

Introducing the Meet the Recruiter series!


In this series of podcast minisodes, we sit down with each and every Vangst recruiter and get to know what makes them tick, their worst interview horror stories, and of course expert advice for people trying to break into the industry.

It takes talent to know talent, and that’s why we believe that having an exceptional internal team allows us to best serve our clients. So get to know the Vangst team here!

New minisodes of “Meet the Recruiter” every Thursday. Don’t worry – our (anything-but-) regular Seed to Sound episodes are still published every Monday.

For our inaugural episode of “Meet the Recruiter,” we talk with senior Direct Hire recruiter Jacob Krushall! Meet Jacob here.

To get in touch with Jacob, connect with him on LinkedIn.