Did you know that failing to wear your MED badge at work could cost your company $10,000?

This week on Seed to Sound, Business Development Manager McLean Sale talks with Sara Howard of Blue Raven Training and Sara Boué of Allay Consulting about training and HR in the cannabis industry, with focus on emotional intelligence in the workplace.

“Job karma and weed karma came together” to bring Sara Howard, founder of Blue Raven Training, into the cannabis industry. For Sara Boué, a life change was in order as she left her draining customer service job to find work in the ever-growing field.

Now, Howard works on cannabis consulting with a focus on first-time manager development. She helps cannabis employees, specifically first-time managers, gain self-awareness and emotional intelligence to succeed in the long run. At Allay Consulting, Boué works on consulting for the training aspect of rigid cannabis regulations like OSHA.

“You make a mistake in this industry and you’re probably fired,” says Boué. That’s why the proper training and conduct is vastly important in the workplace.

And what does emotional intelligence mean, anyway? Howard loves to describe the concept using the quote, “Who you are is how you lead.” Learning more about self-awareness and self-management leads to better team management and team dynamics. 

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