Featured Company: 1933 Industries Inc.

The year is 1933. It’s been a long day of hard work and all you want is an ice cold beer. You find out that after 13 long years, the alcohol ban has been lifted and you can finally celebrate over a pint with friends.

1933 Industries Inc. captures the essence of this joy and spirit of starting anew.

Rebranded from Friday Night Inc., 1933 Industries’ new name and branding is a nod to the end of alcohol prohibition. This marked the beginning of thousands of successful companies that comprise today’s alcoholic beverage industry.

In the words of 1933 COO Joe Bleackley, “[The end of] Prohibition 2.0 is currently happening and changing the world around us.”

But this time, cannabis is the catalyst.


1933 Industries Inc. is a vertically integrated cannabis company with operations in the United States and Canada.

They operate through three subsidiary companies. 1933 owns licensed medical and adult-use cannabis cultivation and production assets as well as proprietary hemp-based and CBD-infused products, CBD extraction services, and a specialized cannabis advisory firm.

“We are really excited about our new branding as it more accurately represents our business goals and the industry as a whole,” says Bleackley.


“Although we are spread out over several states and countries now, we are one big family and all our people believe in the same core values,” says Bleackley. “This plant we call cannabis and the compounds that exist within are benefiting the people of this world in so many ways.”

The team’s management collectively boasts well over 80 years of experience in the cannabis industry, encompassing finance, capital markets, cosmetics and cultivation rearing environments.

The COO is grateful for all of the opportunities that cannabis has provided in the business world.

“Everyone in our organization wants to be at the forefront of this global cultural shift, and ultimately, we just want to help other humans.”


Vangst is currently working with 1933 Industries to fill a senior management role that will be instrumental in driving growth for the company. Candidates with executive-level experience are encouraged to connect with Vangst at CustomerSuccess@vangst.com for more information.


1933 seeks team members who are a strong cultural fit and have interests aligned with the company. They seek individuals with significant relevant experience and a unique skill set that adds true value to the overall team.

The interview process at 1933 begins remotely with an introductory phone call, followed by more specific questioning via phone and email. Finally, an in-person ‘meet and greet’ is arranged with the successful candidate.

“We not only look for experience, but for the right fit without our group,” says Bleackley.

1933 Industries truly values its diverse team.

Bleackley explains that human capital is the most important aspect related to the success of the business.

“We are a progressive company at the forefront of this nascent industry, and we pride ourselves on the team of highly skilled employees that form our core group.”

“We value employment equity and diversity and believe that our greatest assets are the talent and expertise of our people.”
– Joe Bleackley, COO, 1933 Industries

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