Welcome to the first edition of the Cannabis in the News!

By Catherine DeMuro

Here you’ll find a hand-selected assortment of the latest cannabis industry news, ranging from crazy new products to the breakdown of imminent legalization in the U.S. and around the world. 

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We talk about what’s happening in San Francisco, where 9,000 cannabis-related convictions are being wiped out using an algorithm, and what this could mean for the rest of the country.

And now some more cannabis news from around the world.
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You can now buy weed on Amazon. But is it legal?

It was bound to happen eventually. For a very, very short time, cannabis was for sale on Amazon. Can you imagine the Prime drones dropping an eighth on your doorstep? We’re living in the future. So disregarding the obvious illegality of this particular sale (Who’s testing it? Where did it even come from? Dusty Amazon bud isn’t gonna fly with today’s strict regulation and well-versed consumers.), it certainly brings to light the possibility of online cannabis retail in the not-so-distant future.

SF district attorney to wipe out 9,000-plus pot cases 

San Francisco will be the first city to clear all eligible cannabis convictions under Prop. 64. More than two years after California legalized recreational cannabis, District Attorney George Gascón has announced that his office will wipe out over 9,000 cannabis-related convictions dating back to 1975. He teamed up with Code for America, a non-profit dedicated to improving the government using open-source technology, to identify cases eligible for expungement or resentencing under Prop. 64. They plan to complete a full sweep of all eligible cases within the next year.

Listen to our chat with Denver’s National Expungement Day organizer Rosalie Flores here!


Denver just made a big change on social-use cannabis: It will be permanent

Last week, the Denver City Council voted (10-1!) to make social consumption legal. Permanently. Since the social-use law Initiative 300 was passed in 2016, Denver has only had two social consumption lounges – one of which opened and closed within a month. These social-use laws had a ‘sunset’ date of 2020, but its repeal was one of multiple suggestions from a citywide task force looking into obstacles of the program. The task force also suggests amendments to proximity restrictions, among other ideas.


Aurora Cannabis shares climb on news of medical marijuana deal in Portugal

Aurora Cannabis is acquiring a 51% stake in Portugal’s Gaia Pharma with plans to establish a local facility to produce medical cannabis and derivative products. The first phase of construction of the new facility is expected to be finished by Q3 of 2020. For some background, cannabis is already decriminalized in Portugal a result of the decriminalization of ALL drugs in 2001. Medical cannabis use was legalized in 2018.

For Women in Cannabis, The Industry Remains a Harassment-Filled Boys Club

Sexism and sexual harassment are still rampant in many industries, and cannabis proves no exception. The Boss Ladies of Cannabis (BLOC) organization recently surveyed 156 women in cannabis on women on their experiences with sexual harassment in the workplace and their companies’ responses.The results? 53% experienced harassment in the workplace, 46% experiencing sexual harassment, specifically.


So far 2019 has proven to be an exciting year for the prospect of cannabis legalization. Here’s what’s going on around the U.S. to keep you in the know.


The Vermont Senate approved a bill to allow legal cannabis sales in the state, with a veto-proof margin.

New Hampshire

The New Hampshire House voted in favor of a bill to legalize the use of recreational cannabis.

New Mexico

Two bills that would allow recreational cannabis sales in New Mexico have been approved by various committees.

New York

Gov. Cuomo has stated that legalizing recreational cannabis is a priority for 2019. If it happens, here’s what New York can learn from ‘The Colorado Model.’


Similarly to Cuomo, the legalization of recreational cannabis tops the to-do list of Illinois Gov. Pritzker. Evidently they would run into somesupply vs. demand issues, though.


Hawaii made some progress in passing a recreational cannabis bill last week, but the future success of the bill is now shaky at best.

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