For most, the job hunt isn’t an easy process. As the cannabis industry continues to expand, competition in the job market is becoming increasingly more tough. Cannabis businesses are looking for top talent, and grabbing the attention of those that are hiring can seem like a futile effort. Here at Vangst, our top mission is and has always been to make the hiring process as easy and effective as possible for both job seekers and employers looking to hire. We recognized the need for talented job seekers to connect with the leading businesses in the industry easily. That’s why we created our Cannabis Career Fairs and Job Jams. 

Our past events across the US led to over 500 hires, over 600 interviews, and countless valuable introductions. We’ve matched candidates with some of the leading brands in cannabis including Native Roots, Green Thumb Industries, Willie’s Reserve and more. Vangst Career Fairs and Job Jams aren’t your typical job fair events. Much like the cannabis industry as a whole, Vangst aims to shake up the hiring process by creating authentic opportunities for job seekers and brands to connect.

In addition, we aim to provide job seekers with the tools necessary to land their dream job in the industry. Many of our events include resume building workshops, speaker series, free headshots, I-9 verification, and more. Whether you’re an industry veteran looking to change things up or a cannabis enthusiast hoping to get your foot in the door, our Career Fair and Job Jam events are one of the most effective ways to land your dream career.

With the opportunity to connect in-person with the top businesses in the industry, Career Fairs and Job Jams can seem overwhelming at first. We created this guide to help ease your mind and adequately prepare you for Vangst events so you’re ready to crush it from the second you walk through the door. Before we dive into the specifics, let’s break down the difference between a Career Fair and Job Jam.   

Career Fair vs. Job Jam

Vangst Career Fairs focus on long-term, full-time career placements with leading cannabis companies. While some companies may be looking for part-time work, the majority of the businesses in attendance are looking to hire full-time staff. Available positions at our Career Fairs range from C-Suite executives to store managers, grow directors, lab technicians, marketers, salespeople and more. The companies available to connect cover every facet of the industry, including plant-touching corporations, ancillary tech businesses, retail operations, and everything in between. If you’re ready to make a lasting career change, our Career Fair events are for you!

Our Job Jams are for candidates looking for temporary work in the cannabis industry. These events set you up with a Vangst GIGS account, verify your I-9, and connect you directly with businesses looking for immediate temporary work. Our Vangst GIGS platform is the first of its kind. GIGS connects you with a list of available positions in your local area, right at your fingertips. Open positions are typically with plant-touching businesses and include trimming, harvesting, packaging, budtending and more. If you’re ready to start working today and don’t mind traveling between various local businesses, our Job Jams are for you!

If you can’t make it to our Career Fairs or Job Jam events, you can always check out available full-time positions here or sign up for our GIGS platform here. Now that you know the difference between our Career Fairs and Job Jams, let’s dive into the details.

Career Fair Checklist

Our Career Fairs act as an accelerated interview with leading cannabis companies. You’ll meet key players in the cannabis industry who have direct connections to the job of your dreams. Making a lasting impression is paramount. Visit this checklist before your next Career Fair to make sure you crush the next event.

  • Dress for the part. Business casual attire is the norm. Most businesses treat the hiring process as an informal interview and want to see you put your best face forward. 
  • Come prepared. Bring multiple copies of your resume, a pen, and something to take notes on. You’ll meet a ton of new faces and will want to take notes for follow-ups.
  • Don’t forget your documentation. If your state requires a badge to work in the industry, bring your badge identification or a photocopy of your badge to hand out.
  • Do your research. If you’ve never worked in the industry or are unfamiliar with basic cannabis terminology, research the positions you’re hoping to land before the event. Having a basic knowledge of the industry will allow you to speak professionally about the craft you’re interested in pursuing.
  • Attitude is everything! Although our events are one of the most effective ways to meet hiring cannabis businesses, the industry is still competitive. Always offer a solid handshake, look your recruiter in the eyes when chatting, and wear an enthusiastic smile during your introduction. Small gestures leave a lasting impression that could be the difference between you and the other hires.

Job Jams Checklist

Job Jams are an informal event that prime candidates for immediate hire. You’ll meet with Vangst team members and a handful of local businesses ready to hire. Reliability and availability are two of the most important factors for landing a temporary gig at our Job Jams. Save this checklist for the next time you attend a local event. 

  • Want to land a job that day? Bring your proper I-9 documents. A valid US passport is perfect for verifying your I-9. Don’t have one? You can bring your driver’s license AND your social security card or birth certificate. For a full list of acceptable documents, click here
  • Bring your badge (if your local state law requires a badge to work in the industry). Make sure to bring your proper identification or a scanned copy of your badge.
  • While Job Jams are more informal than our Career Fairs, it’s not a bad idea to bring a copy of your resume that you can refer to. A copy of your resume can help Vangst employees connect you with open positions that fit your experience. 
  • Know your availability. Some companies may be looking to hire immediately. Jot down your schedule for the upcoming weeks so you’re prepared to sign on with gigs that fit your schedule.

While it’s a great idea to bookmark this page and review the checklists before the next event, don’t sweat it if you forget something. Our Career Fairs and Job Jams are invaluable resources for making introductions and a Vangst team member can help you out with any forgotten supplies. Even if you’re not quite ready to make a career change, our Career Fairs and Job Jams can help you explore potential opportunities available in the ever-changing market. 

To stay up-to-date with our upcoming events, bookmark this page. Good luck with your search!

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